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Buck Luck - THE Bin Store

174 US Route 1

Scarborough, ME 04074


Fridays      9am  to 7pm

Saturdays  9am to 5 pm

Sunday      11am to 5pm

Monday      10am to 7pm

Tuesday     OFF

Wednesday 10am to 7pm

Thursday    10am to 4pm

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special offers and PREVIEWS of upcoming merchandise.

What is a Bin Store?

   So GLAD! you asked. We fill our

bins with new merchandise every Friday and Saturday. The price drops every day until all is sold on Thursday. 

good good bin.HEIC
Bin medium .HEIC

What do you sell?

   We sell FUN! OK, we sell lots of stuff at HUGE discounts. Our bins are full of electronics, household goods, toys, gaming, pet items, health/beauty, and some clothing.The fun is finding all the bargains. Good Luck!

How does it work?

   We receive truckloads of online merchandise and put them in bins. The first two days are when we restock all the new goods. When you visit you grab a bag and start the treasure hunt. If items are in a box, we can open things for you to check the item. If the item needs power to test, we can do that, too. We are here to help!

bin good.HEIC
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